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Sharon, 37922
April 27, 2023

The property at 9520 Westland Drive should remain Agricultural and low density residential. (1) It has only a 25 foot driveway with access to Westland Drive just west of the traffic light. At this location, Westland Drive is only two lanes with the beginning of an eastbound turn lane to Emory Church Road. Between traffic backing up from the traffic light and excessive traffic, it is difficult to enter and exit the driveway during rush hour traffic. This is unlike Treymour Condominiums which is flat and has direct access to Westland Drive at the traffic light. (2) Our property has a creek which floods the narrow bottom land at times. The remainder of the land is a steep hillside not suitable for dense development. Our property is similar to development to the south and along Mourfield Rd where each house is on located on several acres.

Nancy, 37721
April 19, 2023

I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of unrestricted building taking place in the (once) rural areas of Knox County, particularly the Halls, Gibbs and Corryton areas. If this is allowed to continue, there will be no more wide open, rural spaces left. I've watched acres upon acres of forested land in the county be completely clear cut so wall to wall houses can be put up. Same is happening with wide-open pasture that has been turned into mega subdivisions. All the powers-that-be seem to care about are the cha-ching of tax dollars because they are doing nothing to regulate the growth, issuing building permits left and right to big-time developers trying to make a quick buck with no regard for the wildlife, current residents, and environment not to mention the strain put on our roads, schools, and other infrastructure. I live in the county because I don't want to live in West Knocxville but the unchecked growth will have northeast Knox County looking just like west Knoxville before much longer. The county and its once laid-back lifestyle is being ruined. Stop allowing such heavy concentrations of houses per acre and force developers to plant back the same number and type of trees they cut down.

Cliff, 37919
April 12, 2023

The County should sell the land it owns on Central Avenue for mixed use, including residential. Increasing density in the city makes sense as the infrastructure is already in place versus rural areas in the county. This would benefit County taxpayers as well as cheaper land could be found outside the city.

Chuck, 37938
March 30, 2023

I've been looking over the past meeting responses and I'm surprised people aren't talking about Halls more. With Emory Road traffic getting worse and worse, it is also making its way into Halls. It used to not be as bad but now it's really bad. Also, all the storage units going up on Maynardville Pike look really ugly especially the one where the Kmart used to be. I would like to see places like that be utilized for actual businesses.

Ottie, 37932
March 28, 2023

Can we all say a calming prayer for Cynthia?lol All kidding aside Cynthia, I love your passion. It shows that you do care about your community and what happens around you. Knoxville or Knox County isn't perfect but every mistake, miscalculation, misrepresentation, etc. is an opportunity to learn and grow as a community. The growth we've experienced in the past few years is new territory for all of us, so let's keep the communication lines open and navigate these changes together.

Cynthia, 37938
March 28, 2023

But you go ahead and continue to disillusion yourself that we need Knox
County to function like a Nashville or Memphis ‐ that's what we really want ‐ actually that's not it at all ‐
if I wanted to live there or even in DC or San Diego I would. We choose to live here and could we plan
better ‐ yes ‐ but that comes with not handing out 1000 building permits to put in track houses 8 per
acre. Especially when those houses are poorly built and extremely over priced and then we complain
that people cannot get housing ‐ Gee I wonder why. I think you really need to go back to the drawing
board and learn about the community and our past and not try to just turn us into a liberal city agenda
as a whole.

Cynthia, 37938
March 28, 2023

Even worse, we can't get businesses in
our community because we are essentially a forgotten end of the community. Let's go ahead and
educate everyone ‐ this is the North end of the county ‐ last time I checked we should not be lumped in
on the news or anything else with East Knox County. Our schools are already over crowded and yet
more money just gets thrown after bad in the more affluent portions of the community. No I won't
move West, but there are times I wish I had never moved here from Seymour ‐ water and sewer charges
for one ‐ the fact that we don't have shopping or or restaurants and cannot seem to get investment for
that on this end of the county.

Cynthia, 37938
March 28, 2023

See attached PDF

You have once again missed the mark. If you you all could actually understand the communities as a
whole that would be fantastic. Putting in sidewalks to nowhere in Halls was ludicrous. Adding an extra
traffic light through a community that already had traffic issues was a marvel of engineering stupidity
that I thought could not be marveled, but we did it. Even worse, you can't get the red lights to function
properly so the traffic on Maynardville Hwy just sits constantly.

Ed , 37912
March 12, 2023

With the county and city's expanding population will we be seeing more sidewalks around the area instead of folks taking their lives walking on sides of roads

Caleb, 37932
January 7, 2023

(Part 2)
It'd also be great if there was more parks and/or hiking trails in Hardin Valley. The forests in knox county are beautiful, but difficult to access/enjoy more due to lack of hiking trails. The hiking/biking trails in the forests in Hardin Valley would create more of an incentive to keep the the forests rather than bulldoze them over.

Anything the county can do to make water recreation on the rivers more accessible would be great. Like encouraging or making it easier for businesses to have rent kayaks, watering holes for swimming, paddleboards, have floating movie nights, river tubing, etc. would make knox county an even more wonderful place to live.

As a hard tech entrepreneur, it'd be super helpful if there was more lab space available to rent in the Hardin Valley area and even better would be a lab equipment co-op. Or maybe Pellissippi state could be the site of a lab equipment co-op so the students can get trained in more high tech equipment and processes as well. Me and some other entrepreneurs working with ORNL are trying to get one started, but it's a little tricky getting it worked out at this early stage.

Caleb, 37932
January 7, 2023

(Part 1)I noticed that some comments were mentioning they want to avoid urban/dense areas to maintain the rural feel of knox county. I love the rural/forest vibe of the county, but the only way I can see we can maintain that is by having a handful of urban/dense areas that are walkable and distinct which I think is a good thing. That way we can avoid suburban sprawl which is horrible for everyone involved.

Also the highway from Oak Ridge Memorial park to solway either needs to get expanded or alternate roads need to be built to get around it. With all the folks leaving ORNL at the end of the day, the traffic is a nightmare. It once took me 1.5 hours to get home when it only takes 20 minutes without traffic. If there was another way out I would have taken it to go around.

Terry, 37849
December 12, 2022

I see little attention directed to EZ rail similar to DC metro lines. More cooperation between TDOT, Knox Engineering, Knox Co Engineering, and all their contractors on road planning makes Knox Countian's lives miserable, and burns up our gas. The lack of redlight timers based on volume, coordinated lights that blink after hours, rush-hour coordinated lights, etc; makes this area a nightmare to drive in. And why the long wait trying to get on and off an interstate? Is it so cams can photograph everyone? As long as turning right on red is in place, pedestrians take their lives in their own hands here. And you want more walkways and bikeways? Get the politics and land developers, realtors, and opportunists off the commissions, and start working for the people instead of big business developers out to please their buddies. Until our people study best practices of other communities who have been awarded grants time and time again for their planning, I don't expect these comments will even be read, as I suspect they're soliciting comment just to fulfill a paperwork requirement.

Shari, 37918
December 4, 2022

I have visited and lived in other states and countries too. During visits to Jamestown NY, I thought it was a very effective and interesting concept where the homes were 2-3 stories tall with the same layout, and different family units lived on separate floors. Grandparents might be on 1st floor for ADA accessibility and children or other family members lived on above floors. The fixed costs and taxes could be shared as well as exterior responsibilities. Also, due to serving in military abroad our family lived in a self sustaining Italian village, their was a town square with common shops, grocery, church, bakery, etc. The Italian apartment was one building with the same concept, each floor was identical. There was a 3 car garage on ground floor. I think that families sharing home units should be an important part of moving forward in today’s economy where it can be affordable for all.

Sarah, 37922
October 31, 2022

I would love to see Metro government for all of Knox Country, the city of Knoxville, and the Town of Farragut. We would have one metro government with one set of elected officials. The schools are already controlled by Knox County Schools. The taxpayers would save money and everyone could have the same public services (such as police protection and fire protection). The public utilities (water, sewer, gas, and electricity) could also be combined and controlled by the metro government.

Stuart, 37931
October 28, 2022

I would like to see a stronger development of roads in the county. I would like Pellissippi Parkway to become a freeway with off ramps and limited access. It would be good if one could drive to and from Knoxville to Oak Ridge on a freeway with a fly over Solway. This road has become dangerous and crowded. The Hardin Valley Road needs to be widened to accommodate growth. Roads to Powell need to be expanded such as Oak Ridge Highway. I-40 and I-75 need more lanes and expanded off ramps to reduce congestion. Development along these roads will be good if the highways are expanded to accommodate the load.

Pete, 37901
October 27, 2022

The growth Knox County continues to experience is fueled in part by the fact that it is such a good place to live. Many factors contribute to that, but high among them is the character of the county - rivers, lakes, mountains and open space. Our challenge is to accommodate growth, but not at the expense of what makes it such a wonderful place to be.
One way to do that is to create boundaries where growth is off limits before proceeding to establish where it should be encouraged. The off-limits areas can be protected in a variety of ways ranging to zoning limitations to conservation easements to public ownership.
Some of this has already occurred. Ridgetop development is not allowed, historic zones have been established and new parks have been created. But there likely would be broad agreement in the community that everything else should not be available for unrestricted development.

Pete, 37901
October 27, 2022

Specifically, we should look at establishing the following protections:
1. The shorelines of the French Broad and Holston rivers, 50 to 100 feet back from the water. These rivers are almost unique in Tennessee as nearly all of the other significant rivers in the state have become lakes. Canoeing and Kayaking are becoming increasingly popular, especially following the creation of the Seven Islands State Birding Park at the county line, with its two river access ramps. The protection can happen through public ownership, as with the State Park, through conservation easements and with zoning restrictions as has been done with the ridgetops. A 100 foot strip on each side of the French Broad River that would protect the character and beauty of the river while involving total of only 360 acres.
2. Before water and/or sewer service is extended into undeveloped areas of the county, the property owners abutting the proposed lines should be given the opportunity to vote, perhaps at ten year intervals, on whether such service is wanted. If a clear majority of the property owners object, the services should not be extended.
3. New residential subdivisions should be prohibited if they are beyond a specified distance from an existing residential subdivision as a way to control urban sprawl.
These kinds of restrictions could become part of both the "town and country" and the "on the road again" concepts that are under consideration.

Gene, 37920
October 27, 2022

Since experience tells us that continuation of urban sprawl, compared to focusing new development on corridors or planned multi-use centers, is more expensive and is less likely to create communities of character.

Also important, as climate scientists insist, is that our planning encourage energy efficiency. Time is critical for us to reduce carbon emissions and known correlations such as shorter home to work trips and better use of public transportation provide obvious advantages in that regard.

Gene, 37920
October 26, 2022

There is a need for cost information for each scenario, as was done (as I recall) with the similar process for Cumberland Region Tomorrow.

Eric, 37918
October 25, 2022

Non of this development plan mentions what density of development makes sense under a "county" level of government. There is a reason Incorporated City entities were created to handle greater population densities. Annexation is a dirty word in TN. At some point we need streamline the development of the greater Knox County and that means leveraging our incorporated cities as foci of high density development. The current ring development results in the poaching of agricultural lands and non redevelopment.

Micah, 37922
October 24, 2022

Northshore needs to have sidewalks added and be more walkable. I would like to see more greenways, parks and green space. Smart and well though out development instead of development for development’s sake. Avoid sprawl. Higher building standards for developers to make things look cosmetically nice with landscaping, higher end builds, etc. Require new neighborhoods to put in sidewalks/greenways along main roads and in neighborhoods. Investment in Lakeshore Park has been great. Invest in other parks as well. Improve public access to the River and incorporate the waterfront in downtown.

Joshua, 37902
October 13, 2022

If we are choosing between the three then the "town and country" model is the best. There are multiple examples of this kind of development increasing satisfaction, quality of life, and property values, while reducing infrastructure cost in the long run.

Isaac, 37914
October 13, 2022

I really like the Town and Country scenario... I would like to see more commercial investment in East Knoxville, but it seems like a good template to start with. I definitely don't like continuing current trends... it's land-greedy and short-sighted.

Cheryl, 37849
October 12, 2022

First, please work on the assumption that Knox County has Four Directions! Leaders of zoning regulations must step up to lead and choose doing something because it is the right thing to do, not just because it will make them more money. Fix new plans and codes that do not allow run down buildings and properties, or excessive, ugly signage. Right now our major roads like Clinton Highway, Broadway, Chapman Highway, and more, look like they were never presented with any kinds of codes. Also, allowing a plethora of hillside subdivisions with look-alike houses stacked on top of each other is not helping the future appearance of our county. While the "Town and Country" plan appeals to me, I fear that this will not be equally spread out in the county. Therefore, I support "On the Road Again" and hope that all main arteries can become something that will make us proud to live in Knox County and to show it off to visitors--all 4 directions of it.

Claire, 37923
October 11, 2022

Narrow rural roads continue to be prevalent in many areas and lack sidewalks for pedestrians (and especially school children). Would like the planning commission to consider the perspective neighborhoods, not to just solely focus on growth.

Joseph, 37849
October 10, 2022

The right choices are: Town and Country, On the Road Again, and Outward Bound in that order. Town and Country has the most choices, the most diversity, the most conservation. On the other hand, Outward Bound has the least choices, the least diversity and the MOST problems!

Linda, 37934
October 10, 2022

While I am glad there is going to be a plan for growth, I am very concerned that the growth will change Knoxville and Knox County too much. Being raised in Atlanta, Ga. I saw Atlanta change so much in such a short time that I don't even want to visit. Many people moved here because Knoxville was a good size: not too much traffic, good schools, beautiful rural areas close by. Now, there is too much traffic, we keep having to build schools, we have to keep widening roads, we have changed the country roads to entirely too many neighborhoods. Cities like Nashville and Atlanta can keep widening and adding roads but they will never be able to control traffic. I am afraid Knox County will end up like this. The very reason people have moved and stayed here in the past is already gone. We have to control growth so we will not become so big and crowded that no one will want to live here.

Brian, 37919
October 10, 2022

I believe the town and country scenario is the most sustainable and the best way to have thoughtful community growth. BUT first invest in the infrastructure, specifically roads, to support the growth.

mixed land use for business and residential and a variety of housing price points to include affordable should be required to develop a town and country community. Developers should have to participate in some of the required elements like schools, parks, character...

Theresa, 37909
October 9, 2022



G, 37932
October 8, 2022

I've lived in the Hardin Valley area for the past 7 years and the number of subdivisions and apartment buildings that are being built is absolutely ridiculous. We do not need any more housing. Our roads and schools are busting at the seams.
What we do need is another grocery store other than a Food City. Preferrably a Kroger would be an excellent option.

dona, 37919
October 7, 2022

I prefer the # 2 Town and Country plan.

Andrea, 37922
October 7, 2022

More town centers similar to Northshore is my vote. We need to balance neighborhoods with schools and businesses to keep the sense of community afloat. Currently, Knox County builds random neighborhoods without sidewalks in the middle of farmland. There is no current way to connect neighborhoods and the shopping, work places, etc are far away.

October 7, 2022

I live on the corner of Carpenter Rd and Patriot Rd, and I so, so wish y'all would put a roundabout on the intersection of Harrel, Carpenter, and Emory Rd.There's a HUGE subdivision going in on Carpenter, and Harrell is already bumper to bumper coming up to that almost blind stop sign on Emory.
Also, Belltown! 1500 housing units, stores, theater, parks...and two-lane Emory Rd! We need them to bridge that creek (Beaver) with TWO bridges on either side of the sewage treatment plant, to move cars into Knoxville easier than clogging up Emory road with even more cars.

Will, 37923
October 7, 2022

I am in favor of increasing density in areas where there is already development. Spreading out to add more single family homes vs using the areas for multi family or even attached homes that already have traffic and services to support development makes more sense to me. At best let the market dictate what can be approved. A landowner can be cornered by the county with what they can do with their land because of where it is. If the market wants commercial vs single family in a location or multi family vs single family the county has to find a way to allow that.

D., 37920
October 7, 2022

The local infrastructure cannot support the amount of population we have now. Has anyone taken a good look at our roads? I-40, I-75, Kingston Pike, etc. - it's no wonder there's so many instances of road rage now. Stop all the multi-unit housing. Even if people are living on top of each other, they are utilizing services and more likely have at least one vehicle if not more. Focus more on affordable (the average working person here is NOT a millionaire) single family housing on lots of 3/4 to an 1 acre for green space. Better neighbors, better environment, less congestion.

Michael, 37920
October 7, 2022

Enlarging freeways and expanding housing to outlying areas always has the same result: more traffic, more sprawl, more negative impacts on the environment. This has happened many times in California which is only now beginning to address the sprawl and traffic.
Most new housing developments in Knox County raze existing woodlands with grading, and create islands of heat due to the surface area of the new pavement. This is a recipe for ongoing disaster. Imagine California style 20 lane freeways in East Tennessee.

The solution is to build denser city centers that are walkable , improve public transportation, use a lighter color of asphalt, plant and maintain more trees.

I grew up in East Tennessee and just moved back after living in Los Angeles for many years. I've learned much through the experience. While I love California, I'm glad to be living in Knoxville. I hope residents of Knoxville will use this opportunity to more carefully manage future growth.

James, 37849-2021
October 7, 2022

Developments should not be allowed in any part of the county unless: existing roads will support added traffic, existing schools will support added density, Utilities will support added density, law enforcement staffing can support added density. If any of these items are lacking, then the developer must fund them in advance of added housing. Developers must also be responsible for added road maintenance and utility maintenance for a number of years after development is made. Any changes in added property taxes because of the needed infrastructure should be borne by the new homes, not existing older homes.

Cynthia, 37931
October 7, 2022

I have seen uncontrolled development in Karns and the surrounding area. I have watched as developers wantonly destroy so much bird and wildlife habitat almost right up to my door. There are many, many fewer birds at my house now. So I am for the plan that conserves the most greenspace and habitat and controls or restricts the stacking of so many (and aesthetically ugly) houses into very small spaces. At the moment, if the descriptions are accurate, the Town and Country version is the closest to that and I hope conservation and care of the land are more of a priority than greed.

Ted, 37922
October 6, 2022

Please add more bike & walking trails throughout the county. Also, need to add to the infrastructure to keep up with the additional housing.

Craig, 37919
October 6, 2022

Specific items:
Improve pedestrian safety on Oakhurst between Dellwood Dr. and Woodland Dr. It’s a blind hill that’s easy to speed on with limited room for pedestrians (school kids!) on either side.
Fix 3rd creek / Sequoyah Greenway connector trail and bridge.
Prioritize connector greenway between Sequoyah Greenway and Lakeshore (not just a janky sidewalk)

High level items:
Reduce dependence on cars- invest in connected greenways and public transit.
More sidewalks in school zones, especially on high speed/narrow roads.
Dedicated bike parking, especially at schools and downtown.
Prioritize pedestrian/bike access over car lines at schools.
Continue roll out and start enforcement of noise cameras.
Require annual emissions/noise testing for all vehicles.
County Tax on vehicles based on weight and emission levels (no truck/SUV exemptions).
Noise walls along I-40 and Alcoa highway.
Keep up hillside/ridgetop protection overlays.
Tax vacant storefronts/derelict buildings and undeveloped surface lots within downtown.
Work with TVA to allow more waterfront dining/attractions (think Lakeside/Calhouns, not gated condos).
Narrow Neyland drive to expand/improve waterfront greenway.
Allow more duplex/townhouse development.
Clean up third creek watershed. ' it’s no fun explaining to my kids/visitors why third creek looks like a scene from Wall-E.
Relocate waterfront industrial buildings to industrial areas. (Looking at you Holston gas, Unicem, Readymix, Ergon)

Craig, 37919
October 6, 2022

Specific items:
Improve pedestrian safety on Oakhurst Dr. between Dellwood Dr. and Woodland Dr. It’s a blind hill that’s easy to speed on with limited room for pedestrians (school kids!) on either side.
Fix 3rd creek / Sequoyah Greenway connector trail and bridge.
Prioritize connector greenway between Sequoyah Greenway and Lakeshore (not just a janky sidewalk)

High level items:
Reduce dependence on cars- invest in connected greenways and public transit.
More sidewalks in school zones, especially on high speed/narrow roads.
Dedicated bike parking, especially at schools and downtown.
Prioritize pedestrian/bike access over car lines at schools.
Continue roll out and begin enforcement of noise cameras.
Require annual emissions/noise testing for all vehicles.
County Tax on vehicles based on weight and emission levels (no truck/SUV exemptions).
Noise walls along I-40 and Alcoa highway.
Keep up hillside/ridgetop protection overlays!
Tax vacant storefronts/derelict buildings and undeveloped surface lots within downtown.
Work with TVA to allow more waterfront dining/attractions (think Lakeside/Calhouns, not gated condos).
Narrow Neyland drive to expand/improve waterfront access/greenway.
Allow more duplex/townhouse development.
Clean up third creek watershed. ' it’s no fun explaining to my kids/visitors why third creek looks like a scene from Wall-E.
Relocate waterfront industrial buildings to industrial areas. (Looking at you Holston gas, Unicem, Readymix, Ergon)

Theresa , 37909
October 5, 2022

Tried to submit comments, but never received an email reply with the link to register comments. Please help. Thanks.

Randall , 37932
October 4, 2022

Knox County's roads are in terrible shape, the county infrastructure cannot support the housing and business we currently have. It' s a disaster to keep building without funding roads, walks, parks, Greenways, bike lanes, utilities including internet etc.

Kurt, 37849
October 4, 2022

I prefer the "on the road again" scenario. My greatest frustration with Knox County's approval of development is mainly large housing developments that are approved on roads and in areas that do not have adequate infrastructure to handle the increased traffic or demands on services like water. Narrow county roads often become quite dangerous as a result. An example is near my neighborhood where a large development is being added with only one entrance/exit on Pedigo Rd.

Gary, 37922
October 4, 2022

I am a member of Cokesbury UMC and a participant in the Justice Knox ministry. Among other things, we are advocating the use of microtransit services by KAT. There are about 10,000 households in Knoxville that do not have a car. It is difficult to get around this city and to even hold a job without a reliable vehicle. Further, Knoxville streets are not pedestrian friendly. Microtransit, with real time routing and flexible ride sharing, can help. It can get people to work, to the grocery store, and even to the bus stop. In other cities microtransit has actually helped increase bus ridership. It can solve the last mile/first mile problem and help those who do not live and those who do not work near a bus stop. Please advocate for this service with us!

Sarah , 37917
October 3, 2022

1. Make Old North Knox and South Knox areas more walkable.
2. To alleviate parking downtown as the city grows, consider adding free public transportation to those living in city limits either a trolley system that runs in loops from North Knox to South Knox, or a bus pass
3. Reroute/minimize train tracks out of residential areas
4. Build an outer loop bypass from 7 at
Halls through Oak Ridge to i40 and ultimately i75
5. Additional exits needed on 640 to alleviate bottlenecks
6. Exit & on ramps need redesigning to remove need for traffic lights (4 loop/leaf- clover method)
7. Retention pond requirements for developers
8. Programs to remodel unused office space into residential
9. Programs for multi-use, walkable development

Cindy, 37934
October 2, 2022

I am concerned about the rapid growth without taking into consideration the over crowding of school, not allowing utility companies to properly plan and serve the existing community, and the lack of planning on requiring road improvements BEFORE allowing developers to continue to over build homes. I do understand that we have a large quantity of newcomers to Knoxville. They are moving here because of what they see NOW not what they are leaving behind. Don't copy Memphis or Nashville..... They have their own issues. Allow Knoxville to have its greenways, parks, nature protection areas. This is one of the draws to the area. The county planning for future needs to slow down, take a breath and evaluate the problems that are listed by all who comment in this. I live out west and the morning and evening traffic during rush hour has almost doubled in the last year. Don't build on every square inch of green space that someone sees.... I don't want to live in a concrete jungle and I'm sure that those that are moving here don't want to either.

Philip, 37922
October 2, 2022

Knox County has numerous collector and minor collector roads that have received no redesign since they were wagon roads. Tight curves, blind hills, roller coaster grades, poor drainage, lack of sight distance and unfettered driveway connections are just a few of the problems that exist. For example: Canton Hollow, Fox, Emory Church, Ebenezer, S Gallaher View, Yarnell, Snyder, Couch Mill, Coward Mill Roads, to name only a few. I am tired of Knox Planning stating every time that they consider a rezoning request that the subject property is served by a "good collector road." Once the properties along roads are developed, the task of upgrading the roads is exponentially more difficult. REQUIRE developers to bear the cost of needed road upgrades with EVERY new residential and especially multifamily residential development. All roads should be required to have sidewalks also.

Philip, 37922
October 2, 2022

Before taking rural agricultural land or steep hillsides for multifamily residential development, repurpose blighted sprawl development of the last 50 years. Along Kingston Pike alone, there are numerous properties owned by "slumlords" that are underutilized and ugly. These properties are within easy walking distance or bus routes to community services such as food stores. Examples: The former Kmart at West Town, the former food store at Peters Road, the former car dealership on Peters Road, the former car dealerships on Kingston Pike near Ebenezer Road, and hundreds of other failed commercial developments from Western Plaza to Farragut. Target these parcels, announce that rezoning is coming and give the current owners a year to respond with their own redevelopment plan. After that, if no action is taken, use eminent domain to acquire the properties and auction them to new developers. This would be a joint effort by Knox County and Knoxville.

Jamie, 37931
October 2, 2022

Smith Built has pretty much dominated the Karns community. I know they are building else where besides Karns, with their cookie cutter homes. I hate the cookie cutter homes. That's my opinion tho.

I would like to see any general contractor who is developing a superb, they need to take responsibility of relocating the wild life instead of putting that on the neighborhood! Smith built comes in and disrupts the fields, which is where coyotes, foxes, skunks, raccoons, etc live. Once they start bulldozing their way through an open field, the wildlife wander into closer by neighborhoods. Leaving homeowners to fend for their children & pets!! This should not be the neighborhood expense.. we're not creating the problem. The developers are. I know many people the last 4 to 6 years have lost their pets to coyotes & foxes.

I don't think Karn's infrastructure is ready for ANYMORE superb the traffic is not only congested, but has gotten dangerous too!

Ingeborg, 37721
October 2, 2022

My requests is that while more homes are being built in this area consider building more spaces for stores. We need more commerce like department stores. Grocery
Stores etc. We are so neglected on this area.
Thank you

Joyce, 37919
October 2, 2022

Northshore from Lyons View to Ebenezer is bumper to bumper traffic now due to unchecked residential development without expanding Northshore to accommodate all the new people. A center left turning lane, at the very least, needs to be created. And from Concord Road west, the same will soon be true.

Jim, 37920
October 1, 2022

Before voting on any more zoning change requests on Gov. John Sevier Highway, you might want to ask about this County Ordinance cited in a 2004 Appeals Court decision:  The senior judge in the case, William H. Inman, included a curious bit of information on County Ordinance, Section 3.90.03(C), [which] provides  "[n]o state or local governmental entity, agency or department shall take any action which undermines the scenic and historical qualities of roads designated as scenic highways under subdivision (a)(1)." Tenn. Code Ann. §54-17-114(b)."

Furthermore, the "Senic Highway" designation was meant to keep Governor John Sevier a scenic rural piece of Tennessee heritage. The Tennessee Scenic Highway System Act of1971, Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 54-17-101through 116, is generally - to foster tourism and economic development by preserving the natural beauty along designated scenic highways and more specifically: 5) Provide for preservation of routes of historical significance in urban and rural areas of the state.

Sadly, the attached picture, taken from GJSH, gives stark evidence that the spirit, intent and letter of the law & ordinance is being ignored. This must be stopped.

Mariana, 37922
October 1, 2022

My biggest concern is the growth of West Knoxville and the danger of Northshore. Northshore can't handle all of the traffic and heaven forbid, someone in your family is in need of emergency responders. There is no where to go when an ambulance, fire truck, etc needs to get by. I think that adding 2 additional lanes on Northshore is imperative!!!

Laura, 37914
October 1, 2022

My greatest concern is preservation of green spaces and historic sites, including family farms. We need a plan to reduce dependence on cars and provide reliable clean energy transport for middle and low income people, as well as affordable housing. Connecting greenways would help both these goals, but there must be investment mass transport options

Thomas, 37922
October 1, 2022

Regarding the Northshore corridor, between Kingston Pike and Pellissippi, it is heavily traveled with the development of homes and commercial space. I believe it is a state road but it needs to be widened to accommodate the growing traffic pattern.

Cynthia, 37917
October 1, 2022

Investment needs to be made in the areas around Magnolia and Austin East High School. The area doesn't even have a grocery store. More class B and C housing needs to be built, not more luxury housing. Knoxvillians need affordable housing.

Victor, 37919
September 30, 2022

There should be workable plan for parks and greenways for Knox County which includes Knoxville and Farragut. Greenways should connect as do roads. There should be significant park with a 12 minute drive of every resident of Knox county. Continue work on creeks where paddling and Kayaks might thrive and become commonplace. Support our two Botanical Gardens UT and Knoxville in East Knoxville Greenways should connect to greenways in other counties such as Blount, Anderson and Sevier going to the Smokies. Establish a greenway joint for both city and county.

Make sidewalks a priority for every subdision with over 100 residences.

Richard, 37918
September 30, 2022

Humility and adaptability need to be baked into this process and the final product. This process has the potential to make Knox County more livable for the next generation (including in terms of affordability, traffic, safety, and overall quality of life). However, it also has the potential to make Knox County LESS livable for the next generation by exacerbating affordability, traffic, and related issues. Accordingly, given inherently unknown future opportunities, challenges, and other conditions, it is imperative that this endeavor’s final product (1) explicitly state this it should not operate to eliminate discretion of future local governing bodies in making land development decisions, and/or (2) explicitly afford future local governing bodies latitude to efficiently modify any final product of this endeavor.

In sum, this endeavor should not operate to hamstring the ability of future governing bodies to tackle future issues (whether such issues be differing or increased traffic patterns, new regional employment opportunities, continued exacerbation of housing price increases, the need or demand for walkable/mixed use communities outside the urban core, etc.). It is impossible to predict the future, so this endeavor should allow for necessary flexibility to address future specific situations and humbly avoid tying the hands of future decision makers.

Erick, 37803
September 29, 2022

You guys should also get the gentlemen league or do something like the gentlemen league in Knoxville Tennessee black community there website is and also check out and do the same thing in Knoxville Tennessee at this website and check out and do the same in Knoxville Tennessee on this

Erick, 37803
September 29, 2022

You guys should do everything like Memphis, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee on everything in the city copy them.

Marti, 37922
September 29, 2022

We recently moved from the Hardin Valley area, and it has, and is exploding. There are new developments, apartments, shopping going in all over. Solway Rd. Is busting at the seams with no end in sight. While the traffic pattern was recently restructured at Hardin Valley and Pellissippi, and is so much better, there are still many areas of traffic congestion. Trying to get to and from Solway road is still problematic. Once on Solway traffic is so heavy there, on that small road. While I hate to see the rural, country feel lost, I also worry about even heavier congestion and the implications that has on safety.

Gordon, 37931
September 29, 2022

I agree with many prior comments.

More greenways, linked to each other, more waterfront parks, more sidewalks, everywhere.

Timed traffic lights to speed traffic, traffic controlled lights that only change when a vehicle is present.

Multiple pedestrian bridges across the river, for example, connect Suttree park to an expanded Riverfront park.

Need vehicle/pedestrian bridge to connect Farragut to Louisville.

Finish James White Parkway and the Pellissippi Parkway.

Need a interstate bypass that extends much further west than 640, to the I-75/I-40 split near Watt Road

Darryl , 37766
September 29, 2022

I have watched Knoxville grow attending UT in the 1980 while growing up ⬆️ n LaFollette.
Later I worked in Knoxville in the mid 1990’s through the early 2000’s with a huge growth spurt!
And now as I approach being 60, I hate going to Knoxville from LaFollette due to the traffic, roads and Crime.
A west bypass for I-75 should have started over a decade ago, but now it’s too late.
New growth is for yuppies, so quit overlooking older neighborhoods where Crime is top of mind. I never stop at convenience stores for gas without a gun in my pocket and if Knoxville isn’t careful, you’ll be Memphis Or Chicago.
Crime should be addressed first otherwise with development growth will come growth in Crime!

Ken, 37931
September 29, 2022

Extra people means extra infrastructure and services. Right now utility charters pass on those costs for future residents onto current residents. The costs should be the responsibility of county and city govt., not residents, passing the costs through bonds to future residents as well.

david, 37918
September 29, 2022

people are coming to knoxville because of the way it is...not for the way people trying to make it like nashville or new york

Rachel, 37922
September 29, 2022

I am a constituent in District 4, and I am in favor of considering equity and green spaces in the development of Knox County. 1 in 8 Tennessee families pay more than half of their income on rent or mortgage (Habitat for Humanity, 2022). This is unacceptable and does not lead to thriving for Knox County families, and I am in favor of designating a percentage of any new developments for affordable housing. Additionally, green spaces have been shown to help individuals with mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress (NRPA, 2022). Therefore, I ask the committee to consider ensuring access to green spaces in every neighborhood area in Knoxville, and to consider greenways and other modes of walking access to these spaces. Thank you all for your role in ensuring all Knox County residents receive what they need in these developments and for ensuring Knox County grows responsibly!

Scott, 37922
September 27, 2022

I have been a resident of West Knox County for over 40 years and have been a witness to the explosive growth of population, housing and businesses in West Knoxville which has led to crowded roadways and schools. Many of the two lane roads in West Knox County (North Shore Drive, Westland Drive, Bluegrass Road, Nubbin Ridge Road, and many more) were never designed to carry the volume of traffic that occurs today. There does not appear to be a long range plan (5, 10 or 20 year plan) for improving these roadways and yet large neighborhood housing developments continue to be approved by the Knox County Commission with little thought of the impact on the community schools or traffic impacts. What opportunities exist to utilize the railroad system in our county to have a light rail system?? Additionally, significant improvements need to be made to the traffic light management system in Knoxville. In other major cities throughout the US, major roadways with traffic lights are timed in a way that rewards vehicles traveling the speed limit by producing a green light for several consecutive traffic lights along a roadway. I look forward to seeing the long range solutions that will bring a positive impact to our community. Good Luck

Jay, 37932
September 26, 2022

I agree with many others about Hardin Valley- a great place to live but future is in doubt.

There are way too many households for a 2 lane road. The area is not taken care of as well as it could be (grass and roads particularly). More businesses are badly needed so residents have options and can shop locally. Get rid of some eyesores and hide the power grids with greenery and upgrade the fencing at the soccer fields. Sidewalks should connect and allow for walking off the main road, and should connect to greenways and parks.

More housing will only make it worse without solid plans.

Will, 37932
September 26, 2022

I wod like to see more pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructure. I would also like to see the return of knoxville's train and tram systems as I would prefer public transit to driving a car.

Will, 37919
September 26, 2022

I feel Knox County should place more emphasis on greenways to connect the County to the City and also various portions of the County. Many portions of the County do not have nearby greenways and establishing more greenways should be an important part of the County's infrastructure improvements. Greenways provide the biggest bang for the buck, with greenways being used by citizens of all ages and abilities and all demographic and socioeconomic statuses, at all hours of the day, and all times of the year; such cannot be said about any other expenditure of government recreational funds.

Donald, 37919
September 26, 2022

I would try to make the railroad company (I believe it is Norfolk Southern) paint the bridge. That thing is an eyesore that makes the town look like a decrepit relic of the industrial revolution. As for how to make the company do it, I would start by asking nicely. You never know. If that didn't work maybe the City could buy 100 shares of stock and send the Mayor or other representative to the annual shareholders' meeting and make a formal complaint and maybe even get 90 seconds at the microphone. If that didn't work, maybe a civil suit for nuisance or public hazard based on the fact that if you don't paint bridges they rust and fall down. Or put up a billboard in Atlanta near company headquarters. Or maybe a complaint to the regulatory body. Maybe that is the ICC. But first ask nicely of course.

Sue , 37902
September 26, 2022

I would like to see Knoxville focus on rehabilitating dilapidated housing in the inner city designed to be made affordable when completed. Rather than investing in infrastructure further away from the city center. It seems like a better plan to focus on areas that have infrastructure in place that may need updates rather than building new housing in areas that do not have that infrastructure. More people living near the city center Means less traffic congestion on the interstates and major arteries leaving downtown.

Christopher , 37919
September 26, 2022

Develop walking/bike paths throughout the county

Preserve as much green space as possible

Encourage concentrated housing with surrounding open spaces

Karen, 37909
September 26, 2022

I would likevto see much more effort in curbing littering and trash on our roads. Knoxville is a beautiful area and trash and litter spoils it. Where I lived in the midwest for years you did not see this. It is a strange culture that people toss their coffee cups and fast food trash out if their car windows. I used to pick up trash regularly but now have too many shoulder problems. I have written to city officials and called environmentak groups but see no difference.

Richard, 37919
September 26, 2022

I am a resident of the city of Knoxville, living in West Knoxville. As we plan for increases in population, we should bear in mind that for every new family that comes to Knoxville, 2 or 3 cars will be added to the mix of already crowded roadways not designed for such high density. Major investment in transit is required to alleviate this problem. It should be easy to get around the city using transit, but it is frustratingly difficult. Sure it takes money, but so do highways and roadways.

Mackenzie, 37932
September 26, 2022

The growth in west Knoxville has gotten out of control. There has to be a give and take with the development of so many houses. Hundreds of houses have been added to access points off of Hardin valley road. There needs to be either a wider road (Hardin valley road) or turning lanes added.

The safety of these roads is getting worse as the growth continues. There also needs to be a bike lane or shoulder added for the safety of drivers and bikers.

It would be great to have the sidewalks in front of food city continue. It would add so much value to the residents around the area to be able to walk further than their neighborhood.

The greenways around this area should be connected and possibly connect to a park. Let’s add some green space to Hardin valley so that all of these new residents can enjoy the area.

Craig, 37919
September 26, 2022

It is past time to implement "Impact Fees" on developers to fund county/state infrastructure (roads) and utility improvements required by the size and scope of the proposed project. Further, those improvements would be required to be completed before permits are issued to initiate the project. This places the financial and inconvenience burden of the development on the project itself rather than on the existing taxpayers.

Ernie, 37914
September 21, 2022

I'm just learning about this important initiative to plan future development in our county. I'm extremely concerned about about the rampant unregulated development in my neighborhood on the East side of Knoxville near the intersection of John Sevier and Asheville hwys. 2 facilities with more than 100 loading docks have recently moved in but there have been no improvements to our shared roadways to accommodate such traffic. Over a dozen farms have been turned into subdivisions with identical houses on .25 acre lots yet we have no public transportation or bike lanes. We don't even have sidewalks to accommodate 100s of new residents. We have no parks or access to the river within walking distance. I moved to Knox County for it rural character. Now the farms and forests are almost gone. Tennessee has such a great agricultural history. Why can't our county incentivize agriculture instead of fast food joints?

MARTIN, 37918
September 20, 2022

36.027663, -83.928066
Curbing juts into Broadway shoulder going south, forcing bicycles into traffic. Needs sidewalk.

36.027611, -83.929360
Excess parking lot could be developed as commercial space, with contingency that it be designed to accept and pass flooding to 6 ft above present surface. Otherwise greenway.

36.027431, -83.928526
Good example of bad (selfish) commercial design. Needs passthrough so people at Arby's don't have to turn left onto Broadway and then left again to get to Woodrow.
Good example of bad (selfish) commercial design. Needs passthrough so people

MARTIN, 37918
September 16, 2022

Needs to have pedestrian bridge or through access shortcut from parking lot to walking path in Fountain City at 36.030463, -83.931088.

david, 37918
September 12, 2022

in the upcoming meeting and info sharing please make the proposed zones in english ...not code... not everyone is a builder...i would like to be able to tell if a windys can be put in the middle of my subdivision ....i keep hearing about people wanting to move hear and there is no room for them...but maybe the reason they want to move here is because you can not put a mcdonalds next door to them

Caroline, 37921
September 12, 2022

I live in North Knoxville in the Lonsdale neighborhood, and our zoning is absolutely atrocious. We have Heavy Industrial land directly across the street from residential neighborhoods. Our neighborhood streets are used as freight routes for the steel mill and other factories, and they large vehicles destroy our streets. The heavy industry is noisy, ugly, and dirty, releasing fumes from the metal which I can often smell from my house 2 blocks away. Very few neighbors work there, it’s a terrible dangerous job and people have even died from explosions there. Workers mostly commute from elsewhere defeating the entire purpose of having a "factory neighborhood". It encourages crime and theft of scrap and is an absolute eyesore. Worse, there is almost no land zoned for commercial use. Other than a few convenience stores, a liquor store, and a Chester’s chicken, there are no commercial businesses. It’s honestly offensive. The only way for someone to start a business is to open a food truck bc there is literally no where they can set up a permanent place, although there are 10+ abandoned storefronts on Tennessee Ave which the steel company now owns. Our infrastructure is a huge mess and it kills residents morale. Problems often fall to the wayside here despite being ongoing for years. some would be very simple to fix (ie putting in railroad crossing arms so the trains aren’t constantly blaring their horns).

Elizabeth, 37917
June 24, 2022

Denser housing and affordable options are important to sustainable growth in our community, and I wholly support efforts for it. But as we plan for the coming growth, we also need to plan for sustainable transit. Adding more people in our county with its current car-centric network of roads is only going to mean more automotive traffic and gridlock. Expanding bus service and adding SAFE bike lanes that actually connect with one another can create an alternative way for people to move between housing, jobs and commercial centers. I absolutely do not want to see us end up with the kind of gridlock Nashville has. I left that city for Knoxville to get away from that.

Nile, 37909
May 12, 2022

We hear the cry of affordable housing from developers and MPC throughout Knoxville. But the City's/MPCs only solution appears to be remove zoning codes and adopt an "anything goes anywhere" approach to land use. Zoning is what makes Cities great. Europe has strict zoning regulations, and the best American cities as well. We can easily provide new market housing while preserving neighborhoods and the best parts about Knoxville. Businesses and people do not relocate to Knoxville because we've got a bunch of giant apartment bldgs and to say so is a bold lie. They come because of character, green spaces, and natural beauty as well as opportunity. There are LOADs of under utilized commercial land lots throughout the City and County and they're all on Major thoroughfares already. Instead of pushing through poorly thought through rezone attempts on every inch of available land, which destroys character and existing property value and creating traffic nightmares - think differently! Use real long term vision. Develop these ugly strip malls on Kingston, Clinton, Western, Middlebrook etc etc into large density multi spaces. They haven't been renovated or changed in decades. Require developers that want to do large projects like these to use existing land use lots or pay an assessment fee. This is not a zero sum equation

Kellie, 37920
May 11, 2022

I would like to encourage mixed residential and retails buildings (retail on the bottom floor is ideal) if apartments/condos are built because that setup makes a community more livable and interesting rather than just having apartments/condos by themselves. But I also still highly desire limiting urban sprawl.
Other suggestions:
- use semi-impervious surfaces for public areas, developments, parks (limit the over-use of concrete) to allow groundwater infiltration from rain
- education and schools should be a priority, along with public parks and public spaces
- affordable housing should be built all over to discourage gentrification of some areas (like how West Knox is more wealthy than East Knox as an example)

Lastly, it would great if Advance Knox could do more with their advertising, maybe holding public events or having people visit colleges/schools, be a guest speaker on NPR, etc. because I only accidentally discovered Advance Knox. Many of the people I know had never heard of it either. This just limits the range of people that can publicly participate.

Marion, 37721
May 9, 2022

Update to my 5/1/2022 comment: a fine, educated, country boy, who is part of the Advance Knox spider web of bureaucracy, called me today (5/9/2022), at 9:30 AM on the dot. We talked 45 minutes. I am impressed and encouraged. My opinion now is that Advance Knox is doing all that it can, to prevent urban sprawl into mostly rural areas and to use wisdom for new growth in the county. The gentleman is welcome to arrange a face-to-face visit with me. I'd like to look him in the eye and tell him thanks, in person! Advance Knox, y'all keep on doing right, for us! Thank you. See my 5/9/2022 article, on my website, Appalachian Irishman.

Marion, 37721
May 6, 2022

See my 5/1/2022 comment. On 5/3/2022, a gentleman left me voice mail, when I could not answer. On 5/4/2022, I left the gentleman two voice mails. On 5/5/22, I emailed the gentleman. On 5/6/2022, I received a generic email from Advance Knox (which was probably sent to many). Later, on 5/6/2022, I replied to the Advance Knox email, with copy to the gentleman, whose "read receipt" I have seen. SO, WHEN WILL ANYONE CALL ME, again, for a CONVERSATION BY PHONE? Crickets still chirp. My "Appalachian Irishman" website may write about this -- if I have the interest to do so. I have local and international readers. My website started in 03/2006.

Marion, 37721
May 1, 2022

From a section in my website ( article, 5/1/22: "On 4/4/22, I replied to the 4/4/22 email that I had received, from I stated, as I had requested, in the 3/29/22 virtual meeting, that I was still awaiting a phone call from those folks. I had and have requested phone conversation with Advance Knox. As of this date, Advance Knox has not called me. The crickets chirp only."

Read the section in my 5/1/22 article for my full comments on this topic. Will y'all ever get around to calling me? I want to talk by phone, not emails!

Ernest, 37922
April 22, 2022

I want to strongly encourage the idea to keep the South Knoxville river front a community area with parks that all of Knoxville can enjoy. I am worried that the land will only go to developers (including the University) and the rest of the community will be left out.

There are so many successful riverfront developments that benefit the community and become a magnet for the city. Knoxville has that opportunity in front of it. Let's make Knoxville's south riverfront world class.

Kellie, 37920
April 17, 2022

There are many high density housing projects going up around the waterfront in South Knox, such as condos and apartments. However, too many of these is taking away from community space, areas, and an overall tight-knit atmosphere and is turning some neighborhoods into urban centers instead. Even with the new high density living spaces, there is not enough accompanying business and entertainment space. The main restaurant options are fast food instead of individually owned, healthy, and unique restaurants. Many of the new developments in South Knox do not have any new business or restaurants, which could help improve the area. There needs to be a focus on making South Knox bikable and walkable instead of car and highway focused as that tends to fracture neighboords and community. More waterfront parks should be planned for the areas where industry currently are along the South Knox waterfront near Blount Ave instead of having more high density living. The waterfront area is valuable and should be a community resource rather than sold to investors for them alone to make a profit and enjoy the area. South Knox also needs more sidewalks and greenways to make it more bikeabke and walkable.

John, 37920
April 14, 2022

UT is proposing a $55 million dollar bridge from Thompson Bowling Arena to the Scottish Pike Neighborhood. As most of the student housing is up a windy road at the Bluffs, they can only really gain in building a bridge if they plan on raising the Scottish Pike neighborhood and building high density housing.

I think that money would be better spent purchasing the industrial land and converting it into parks, open space, and some moderate mixed use development (resultants, cafes, entertainment), creating interconnecting community spaces from Vestal Park to Ijams.

I think there is a greater intrinsic value of shared community space for the broader community. The riverfront, being a limited natural resource, should be accessible for everybody. Development projects by UT or by large development organizations like Dominion are more likely to be in line with the current condos and apartment complexes that cut off the riverfront and dominate the scenery (likely tearing down a lot of the existing neighborhood to do so).

Rachel, 37920
April 5, 2022

Expanding short-term rental regulations throughout the county would be a positive step. These units destroy a sense of community in a neighborhood, lead to increased crime, noise, and traffic, and exacerbate the housing shortage. I wouldn't choose to buy a house next to a hotel or inn, but have no recourse when one opens next door, despite being zoned as a residential area. If the rental is not owner occupied, it should only be allowed to operate in an area zoned for business.

MARTIN, 37918
April 3, 2022

Unfortunately, some planners and designers want to use a tributary model for the road layout, rather than a network, with the resulting traffic congestion forcing people to go out of their way. Private sector market forces cannot solve these problems. All developments of any geographical extent need to have multiple ways in and out, even if it requires some demolition of existing structures.
Related are car-trap parking lots. All commercial operations with parking need to have connectivity with each other ' a way through the hedges and barricades put up between them. That way people can go next door, or turn into the "wrong" parking lot when that is the best option.

MARTIN, 37918
April 2, 2022

General Comment # 2

Unfortunately, some planners and designers want to use a tributary model for the road layout, rather than a network, with the resulting traffic congestion forcing people to go out of their way. Private sector market forces cannot solve these problems. All developments of any geographical extent need to have multiple ways in and out, even if it requires some demolition of existing structures.
Related are car-trap parking lots. All commercial operations with parking need to have connectivity with each other ' a way through the hedges and barricades put up between them. That way people can go next door, or turn into the "wrong" parking lot when that is the best option.

Martin, 37918
April 2, 2022

To amplify a general comment I put in on the virtual meeting.

Solar farms in our region of the country will require constant mowing or herbicide application to keep down vegetation that otherwise takes over. Otherwise, they will have to pave the area, and how environmental is that? And add to that the cost of the infrastructure, the lines and right-of-way to bring the power from the solar farm to where it's used.

This may be unrealistic, but we need to have solar cells erected over roofs and parking lots before we go out and cover potential productive farmland with them. For support over parking lots. erect a grid of 16 - 20 ft. tall poles, the whole thing stabilized with horizontal cables anchored as guy wires around the perimeter. Then the solar panels provide shade in the summer, and the power would need little or no new distribution infrastructure. After roofs and parking lots, we need to utilize all these existing high voltage powerline right-of-ways where they already need to keep the vegetation down.

Subrina, 37914
March 30, 2022

When I 1st moved to Knoxville from Cincinnati over 20 years ago right out of high school. I caught the bus to the mall and missed the bus on the way back. The next bus didn't come until an hour later. I said I would never catch the bus again because it takes so long for another bus to arrive. Knoxville is already a city where walking to the nearest store or park is not feasible, due to lack of sidewalks and roads that are not safe to walk on; therefore public transportation should be more readily and frequently available. I think more bus stops and coverage area needs to be implemented. Aslo, all across the state investers are buying up land and creating one way in, one way out crowded subdivisions to make as much money as possible. Some people still cherish and value having land. If creating a subdivision is necessary, create one that is not one way in, one way out and not so crowded. Let the lots in those subdivisons be spacious to create that country, southern feel while actually being close to or in the city.

P, 37922
March 28, 2022

Strict density and development control needs to be implemented/maintained in rural residential areas. Slope and ridge top protections need to be codified, like the city of Knoxville has done.

The County SECTOR Plans should be retained, also. Sector PLANS provide the context for Zoning Decisions and serve as a BRIDGE between the policies of the General Plan and ZONING.

The Zoning Process should in NO WAY, be streamlined as this would alienate the public. Numerous steps need to be involved so those that have a real vested interest: we drive the roads, we live in the area, we sit in the congested traffic, we endure flooding roads - can participate. Reducing time and steps involved in the Zoning process will NOT benefit the citizenry of this County.

Mark, 37918
March 28, 2022

I hope there will be a solid review of past planning efforts and future plans for Knox County will include ideas, input and general community agreements resulting from Nine Counties One Vision, PlanET and East Tennessee Quality Growth.

Jeni, 37932
March 28, 2022

With the growth in Hardin Valley, there needs to be more focus on zoning land for use other than residential. Specifically there is a dire need for an additional educational system. The Hardin Valley system is already grossly overcrowded, and there are still many planned residential communities to be built within the district. There is a need for a K-12 system near the Watt Road area to address the growth. There also needs to be more commercial zoning within the area for business development to support the community.

Ann, 37919
March 28, 2022

Many cities, including Chattanooga, Memphis and Birmingham are using a microtransit on-demand service to solve some of the transportation problems we have here in Knoxville. Our problems include;
First last mile walks to a bus
Pedestrians hit by cars walking to bus
Long wait and commute times especially if transfers are necessary
Buses can’t get people to 2nd and 3rd shift jobs
Many jobs are outside the KAT routes
Please consider an on-demand microtransit system for Knox county!

William, 37938
March 24, 2022

I don't understand why the rights of way and access the County already has to utilities like the property around power transmission lines isn't used for hiking, dog walking, bicycling, etc. Power lines already cross the county for dozens if not hundreds of miles and would provide wooded, pastoral, and city outdoor exercise opportunities. Contractors already have and need periodic access so its there just waiting to be used and already developed in many areas. It could be implemented tomorrow.

Keith, 37919
March 20, 2022

Facilitating pedestrian, bicycle, and other non-motorized traffic within school zones is paramount. Knox County must provide a safe path for every student to commute from/to their zoned schools, no matter the vehicle traffic load at any particular time of day. This type of initiative would both increase property values and provide incentives for high paying employers to relocate to Knox County.