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Daniel, 37902
December 8, 2023

Please see the attached letter submitted on behalf of Loveday Springs and the Dry Hollow Community. The Dry Hollow Community encourages the Coordinating Committee to adopt the Growth Policy Plan Map as proposed without any further Planned Growth Area in South Knox County. Members of this community actively participated in the Advance Knox process. We believe the proposed Growth Policy Plan Map accurately reflects the desires and needs of the community. It also respects the priorities of conservation of rural character and prime farmland.

We are aware of a request to add Planned Growth Area to the east of Evans Road and to the west and east of Sevierville Pike. Loveday Springs and Dry Hollow strongly oppose the request to add any Planned Growth area to the Growth Policy Plan Map. Additional Planned Growth Area is not in line with the priorities established in the Advance Knox process.

Brad, 37920
December 7, 2023

For some reason many comments are no longer showing on this page.

Parcel 138270 8802 should was not in the previous growth plan and should not be added. We attended all of planning sessions to voice our concerns for the new growth plan. Our infrastructure has not changed enough to accommodate anymore inconsistent subdivisions. Please listen to the people who live here and not developers on here who only care about profits

Sandra, 37914
December 6, 2023

What is the legal standing of sector plans, small area plans, regional transportation plans, countywide plans, and city plans if the Growth Policy Plan text removes the existing reference to sector plans?

The same question applies to the proposed Comprehensive Plan, if adopted, as it presently does not reference these other planning studies? Given the Comprehensive Plan is more generally worded, wouldn't these smaller scale, more detailed plans remain influential?

Thank you

Amanda, 37920
December 4, 2023

The new analysis from the knox team is correct! Please do not allow parcels 150bc001,138104,138270 to be added! So many of us attended the workshops to try and avoid a catastrophe in South Knoxville near the Sevier County line. Please help us stop this area from becoming over populated! Keep it consistent

Josh, 37931
November 30, 2023

As a representative of Smithbilt Homes, I respectfully request the Committee's consideration for the expansion of the proposed Growth Policy Map to include 250 acres at 3324 Swafford Road, identified as parcel 103 073. This parcel has been rezoned by the County Commission, changing the zoning from Agriculture to Planned Residential at a density of up to 3 dwelling units per acre. With zoning in place, Smithbilt Homes has initiated the design and engineering of this new community that will offer a variety of housing options across various price points. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtful consideration.

Caroline, 37919
November 28, 2023

To whom it may concern:

On behalf of Bike Walk Knoxville, I am proud to support the Growth Policy Plan. Advance Knox has been a comprehensive effort, and our organization was glad to be represented on the Advance Knox Advisory Committee. The Growth Policy Plan represents the priorities of our community and the necessary compromises to best serve the interests of all people in Knox County.

We are thrilled to see many of the placetypes emphasize walkability and bikeability, and we look forward to seeing continued growth in opportunities for safe, convenient, and accessible active transportation. Encouraging developments to feature comfortable connectivity for people traveling by foot or bike is a vital step to building healthy, thriving communities. As was demonstrated across the rounds of public input, folks care about having sidewalks, greenways and opportunities for multimodal transportation, and we hope this plan will help transform those desires into realities of our built environment.

Bike Walk Knoxville looks forward to a bikeable, walkable future for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds in the Knoxville region. We support the Growth Policy Plan as a step towards achieving that goal.


Caroline Cooley
President, Bike Walk Knoxville

November 27, 2023

In November 2023, UT Extension recently released reports outlining the estimated agricultural contributions of all 95 counties in Tennessee. I have attached the Knox County report to this as a comment for your records.

The estimated direct agricultural output of Knox County, Tennessee in 2021 was $2.77 billion dollars, with 6,285 workers employed in agriculture.

I hope you find this information helpful as a useful data point in your consideration of land uses and the Growth Policy Plan.

Robert, 37938
November 27, 2023

We would request that the following properties be included in the Planned Growth area. [REDACTED] Currently several portions of the tracts below are not in the growth area even though sewer service is available and access is from either Chapman Highway or Sevierville Pike. In addition we have received confirmation that Knox Chapman plans to expand sewer service in the area (letter and map attached).

In addition to the sewer extensions, this area of South Knoxville has had significant improvements to Chapman Highway and has experienced both residential and commercial development growth on nearby parcels. Our specific parcels include:

Parcel 150BC001 - 0 Chapman Hwy - the portion along Chapman Highway to be commercial and the remainder high density residential

Parcel 138 104 - 8744 Chapman Hwy - some portion along Chapman Highway and Evans to be commercial with the remainder to be low density residential (3 du/ac) to slope constraints

Parcel 138 270 - 8802 Sevierville Pike - smaller parcel on the west side of Sevierville Pike (7.5 acres) to be zoned for higher density residential. The larger parcel was recently rezoned, but we feel it should be in the growth area as sewer service is available now along with access from Sevierville Pike.

Benjamin, 37902
November 27, 2023

Proposed Revisions to the draft Growth Policy Plan

Kimberly, 37921
November 27, 2023

See attached for comments on behalf of the 2023 Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council

Kevin, 37918
November 27, 2023

see attached

November 26, 2023

First I want to thank you for starting the Advance Knox initiative. Like all mid-sized cities, Knoxville and Knox County are growing and we do not want to repeat the last 20 years of sprawl.

I moved to Knoxville in 2016 and worked for a small non-profit that was involved in regional planning, so the regional character of Knoxville and East TN has always been top of mind and heart since living here.

We need to balance between accommodating a growing population while preserving our natural beauty, farms and agriculture, and the character that makes East Tennessee special. There are many things I love about East Tennessee, not the least of which is the surrounding rural land. We need to protect this land, both for farms and farmers and also for the insect life, wildlife, soil- the land & ecology which makes our region unique in the world.

I am requesting that you make changes to protect some of our best farmland soil and farms that are located in the Planned Growth Area. I am requesting the following:

~ Reduce the size of the Planned Growth Area, specifically areas with Prime and Locally Important Farmland Soil and Environmental Habitat.~ Place our Century Farms and large agricultural farms in the Rural Area.~ And of course, we need more density. Aside from protecting farmland, density is extremely important from almost every perspective. Density and walkability are sometimes coded as something that people on the left side of the political spectrum want, but fiscal conservatives should want it too. Sprawl results in inefficient and wasteful use of taxpayers dollars in order to cover the expanded area with services such as water, sewer, and electricity. The low density results in low tax revenue, but the infrastructure needed to be installed is the same. Everybody should want density.

November 22, 2023

To Knox County Growth Policy Coordinating Committee 

November 22, 2023

We appreciate the efforts of the Committee and we look forward to the November 27 and December 19 meetings. There are a number of possible questions about the Proposed Amendment to the Growth Policy Plan, both as to substance as well as to procedure, including the relationship between the Proposed Amendment and the Draft Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Plan (Advance Knox). The questions below are only some of which might be asked.  Hopefully the November 27 meeting will provide some clarification and basis for more informed follow-up discussion between members of the public and the Committee.

1. What projections, determinations, and reports required by TCA 6-58-106 were produced, and where can they be viewed by the public?

2. Is there an updated land capability analysis comparable to the 35-page "Land Capability Analysis" document that was used to support the 2001 Growth Policy Plan? How much land within the existing and proposed Growth Area remains available for development?

3. Is information available for existing utilities and planned expansions? The 2022 "State of the County" document shows utility districts but does not show actual infrastructure or expansion plans.

4. What is the proposed process for adoption and implementation? Is the intent that the Proposed Amendment be submitted to legislatures concurrently with the Comprehensive Plan as one action?

5. How will rezonings be determined if the Proposed Amendment and Comprehensive Plan are adopted before updated zoning rules (Unified Development Code) are written and adopted? If placetypes replace the current Land Use Classification tables before the zoning rules are updated, how will it be determined which existing zones are allowable within a given placetype?

6. Can the Committee provide more information about the criteria and procedure for designating placetypes and their boundaries? And, as was pointed out in the October informational meeting, the Proposed Future Land Use Map has not yet been made available in sufficient street-by-street or parcel-by-parcel detail to allow adequately informed public reaction about the location of proposed placetypes.

7. Is the intent to eliminate sector plans? If so, how will the useful detailed information in sector plans, such as trends specific to an area, be maintained and updated? Similarly, what will happen to related small area plans and studies? There are 10 small area plans, 3 regional transportation plans, 9 corridor studies as well as countywide plans (4), city plans (5). Will we discard these plans or will they be incorporated into the Growth Policy Plan/Comprehensive Plan?

8.  Please elaborate on the intent behind Section 5.2 of the Proposed Amendment ("Planned Growth Areas may include any land use or development permitted by the Knox County Zoning Ordinance."). By itself, this might be read to allow heavy industry in a residential area, which seems unintended. It appears the actual effect of 5.2 as to zoning would be limited by 5.3, but if so, what is the purpose of 5.2 being so broadly stated?

Thank you for your attention to our questions. We realize the Proposed Amendment and Comprehensive Plan require the Committee to address many potential issues, some of which might not even come to light until there is further discussion and deliberation.   We hope the Committee will consider allowing further meetings and public review and comment following the December 19 meeting.  


Sandra Korbelik, AICP

Robert Thompson

Karen, 37914-6165
November 10, 2023

I attended a meeting at the YMCA regarding our county growth. I was rather dismayed that my community, The Cottages at Governors Landing off of John Sevier wasn't even included for consideration of improved growth and development.

I believe this area was zoned for residential and agriculture. Now we already have a Tur Blu warehouse in the midst of this area, and more warehouses are being erected along this part of the highway!.

We really do not have convenient and reliable shopping for residents in this area. And I'd like to add that there are other communities nearby who probably feel the same way.

I realize we are close to an industrial area, and I am upset that the planning commission seems to have the authority to approve businesses that are not even zoned for this area.

I am also disappointed that at this point there is only one meeting scheduled and not really convenient for those of us who might like to be involved.

November 6, 2023

After having a meeting with Amy Brooks and Jim Snowden, I have received their advice to formally request a modification to the preliminary growth plan map prior to its finalization. This request entails the consideration by the coordinating committee of amending the  line of the planned growth boundary. Currently, the preliminary map shows the boundary line of Planned Growth and Rural dissecting our ~560 acre farm on Washing Pike. We formally request the committee consider extending the planned growth area further northeast to encompass the entirety of our far.. We have invested more than a decade in acquiring and planning this property, and we believe that this adjustment is essential for the successful realization of our long-term goals.

Attached are aerial maps of the farm illustrating the proposed preliminary map. 

Sandra, 37914-4318
November 5, 2023

Where on the Growth Policy Plan webpage does it direct me to the Future Land Use Plan. Is there a staff report describing how the proposed GPP was fashioned, that is, the supporting documents? I see a section on Rural Placetypes but no explanation as to the other placetypes.

Janet, 37918
October 24, 2023

I strongly disagree with the development plans for the Gibbs community in Knox County. The roads CANNOT handle any further traffic.

What use to take me 25 minutes to get to work is now a hour and this is if there are no accidents or weather. There are serious traffic accidents weekly on Tazewell Pike and Emory. It is unsafe and almost impossible to make a left turn from the recycling center onto Tazewell pike after work, the same is true if you are trying to turn from Fairview onto Tazewell and any of the business on Tazewell. 

I live in Knox County because I do not want to live in the city. 

I am a Tennessean and the development that’s destroying the pastures, farmland and beautiful scenery is sickening. If this continues I see myself leaving this area entirely. 

I will also not vote for any candidates that I see pushing this development in knox county further.

October 23, 2023

Very recent of course, but now that Seven Islands got some extra park land, definitely want to indicate that on the Future Land Use Map.

October 23, 2023

I am writing to express my concern that a large portion of the Ritta and Gibbs area is being proposed to change from the Rural Area designation to the Planned Growth designation in the Growth Plan. This will allow any type of sector plan designation, as well as consideration of any type of zoning and development for this area, with no density limitations.

The Ritta area is identified in the proposed Plan update to accept approximately 53% (around 6,000 acres) of the total proposed increase in the county's planned growth area, and around 800 acres in Gibbs. This is an unfair burden to place on one community. That puts a huge target on Ritta and Gibbs for every land speculator and developer out there.

Changing such a large swath of land to Planned Growth will cause significant negative impacts for the area, not least of which would be traffic issues, which are already a huge problem. There are no road improvements identified for this area in the Comprehensive plan to handle all the proposed growth. How do you intend to address this oversight?

In addition, this is likely to cause farmland to be developed and greatly reduce our inventory of prime farmland soil. This has implications that reach far beyond the immediate need to build housing.

This plan is not reasonable, equitable or thoughtful and I hope you will consider making adjustments to take these factors into consideration.

October 23, 2023

Please provide the full legal notice/dates/media for this upcoming meeting which is identified as a public forum.  I have read the media release but am unclear where it was advertised, that is which media ran the announcement, and when.

The link on the Advance public notice simply provides the agenda with no instruction on how to sign up to speak at the Public Forum agenda item.  It would show true commitment to public involvement and be much cleaner to hold two public forums after the Oct 24th meeting.  

In addition to the unclear public notice/participation there is a foundational issue with the presentation of the Growth Policy map: lack of a staff report justifying the map difference between it and the Future Land Use Map.

I look forward to implementation of our Advance Knox study and offer these concerns to ensure we start with strong public confidence in this process.  Given the poor resolution quality of the Growth Policy map I will provide more substantive comments when I can more easily understand the map details.