Growth Policy Plan

Advance Knox has been a data driven process to create a plan to guide growth, land use, transportation, economic prosperity, and quality of life for years to come. To support the county's growing population, housing needs and businesses, the Growth Policy Plan and accompanying map must be updated for the first time in almost 20 years.

To do so, the Knox County Coordinating Committee has reconvened. A list of members, as required by the Tennessee Code Annotated, is below.





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2023 Knox County Growth Policy
Coordinating Committee 

  • Mayor Glenn Jacobs  
  • Mayor Indya Kincannon  
  • David Smoak  
  • Broadus Hubbs  
  • Betsy Henderson  
  • John W. Williams III 
  • Darren Cardwell  
  • Amy Nolan
  • Sara Martin*  
  • Brian Simmons* 
  • Kelle Shultz + 
  • Justin Bailey+ 

*Members appointed by Mayor Kincannon  
+Members appointed by Mayor Jacobs

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